– hi, I’m sita –

eeek! you’re here, you’re really here!

I’m Sita (pronounced see-tha) and I’m 28, right on the brink of 29. 

I started this blog back when I was 21 which was then a food and adventure blog and I loved it. 

I loved curling up behind my laptop and writing until my feet fell asleep. I loved taking sips of coffee in between crafting the right sentences. I loved discovering that sweet spot of that post. I loved hitting the publish button as I watched my stories travel around the world. And best of all, I loved seeing how it connected people, from me to you. 

and I still love it and I’m still doing it – still writing about food, adventures, coffee, personal reflections – only this time, I’m inviting you into another special corner in my world. As a South Asian American with profound bilateral hearing loss, I have spent the better half of my life researching how to be a deaf person in a hearing world so it is my hope that I can create and share a digital space for these stories to live on.

annnnnd… a little bit about me! If you’re a personality test nerd, I’m an Enneagram 2 and an INFJ. I named 3 of my plants after the Lumineers – Angela, Ophelia and Cleopatra. I’m a writer (peep the cute photo of little me below that I begged my dad to dig up) and I’m a creative and I find art in everything I do, in my relationships, in my experiences, in my home – and I love capturing it all in little snippets like these. Oh and a hot oat milk latte is my go-to coffee order. 

originally from North Carolina, I’m currently based in Washington DC, working in the maternal health sector. Previously based in Boston and Georgia, I am absolutely an East Coast girlie through and through. 

and you! oh you, I’m so happy you’re here – it means so much to me, so thank you for being here. 

p.s. about me pages are really hard so let me know if there is something else you wanna know about me here!

with love, 


so cute, right?!