5 Things to Do in DC: Part 2

Too many gems in this city so here’s another roundup just for you!

1. National Postal Museum

A Smithsonian GEM! Located right by Union Station in NoMa, you can learn about how letters travel, the history of the U.S. mail delivery system and even create your own personalized stamp. Like every Smithsonian institution, it is free and rich with content. Plan your visit here and don’t forget to grab your stamps at the Post Office on your way out! Price: Free

2. So far concerts

Now listen, between the intense crowds and flashing strobe lights, concerts have never been my thing BUT SoFar Concerts bring a level of musical intimacy and suspense that is unlike anything I’ve seen before. When you book your ticket for the date and time near you, you won’t find out the address until the day before. It might be at a local venue or in the living room of a DC rowhome – either way, you’re in for a fun night amongst friends and 3 different acts of talent. Originally started in London, they have spanned all over the globe and in DC, there’s pretty much one in every single neighborhood. Go book your tickets here! Price: $20-30

3. John F. Kennedy Center FOR THE performing ARts

Wanna catch a show? Check out what’s playing here and make an experience out of it by perusing through the new immersive exhibit that opened in September 2022. Get there about 30 minutes before your show so you can walk around the exhibit, learn more about JFK’s support of the arts and get a glass of wine or snack before curtains up. Price: Ranging from $50-$100 depending on seats (Exhibition is free!)


Oh karaoke nights I grew up with karaoke parties in our home where all the aunties and uncles came together to hover over a thick binder of songs, pick a partner and sing vibrantly into the mic. Trading that binder for a digital selection, I was lucky to have this experience with my friends for my birthday. Located in the center of Chinatown, you can sing your heart out at Wok & Roll with food, drinks and a great selection of best hits. Price: Depending on room size and length of time, see here for price list. Either way, make sure you book ahead!

5. National Gallery Nights

NGA NIGHTS ARE BACK, DC! Held at the National Gallery of Art from 6:00-9:00pm on the Second Thursday of the month, this is such a special treat to dress up, explore the gallery and enjoy the live music. They release the tickets one week before the event so tell Siri to remind you! Go snag these tickets here! Price: Free

Here’s a bonus one if you’re still here

☆ Open mic Nights

Ever the sucker for an open mic night! I dabble in spoken word poetry from time to time and I’ve loved every opportunity to be on the stage, sharing my stories. If you’re a poet, a singer or a storyteller, give it a whirl and share your craft with us! From Busboys & Poets to BloomBars, you can find more on EventBrite by searching open mics. Price: $5 – $10

got a recommendation for me? let me know your fav spots in the district down below!

with love,


5 Things to Do in DC: Part 1

Since my last blog post in 2020, I moved out of Boston then moved home to North Carolina then moved back to Boston for a summer then….moved back to North Carolina again then I finally made my way to the District of Columbia in late 2021. Surprisingly enough, I’ve made a few adventures and I’ve compiled 5 things to do in DC and honestly? You can do it all in one weekend.

1. library of congress

If you want to feel like Harry Potter in the Hogwarts library, this is it. Takes about an hour-ish to get around and you can see the reading room from the mezzanine. Heads up – while it is free (!), you have to book in advance so go plan your visit here!

2. Kayaking in the potomac

I am a big kayak girlie but it has to be on calm waters and this was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. There are multiple locations you can kayak off of in Georgetown – we did Key Bridge Boathouse. It’s $18 a kayak/per hour so book your kayaks here and go for a nice lil’ lunch after. I can totally recommend Stachowski’s.

3. Planet word

If you’re a language whiz, this is your heaven. Super interactive and takes about 1.5 hours to get around. Plus, you can practice (and record!) Obama’s or Oprah’s speech. This is another free museum and you have to reserve a pass in advance so go plan your visit here!

4. picnic on the mall

This isn’t new and everyone does it and there is truly nothing better than ordering your favorite pizza (mine is A Baked Joint’s which offers pizza from wednesday through saturday from 5pm to 8pm), grabbing your picnic blanket and catching up with your high school best friends on the mall during golden hour.

5. hirshhorn museum

Another Smithsonian gem! Depending on your interests, you can spend a couple hours here or more. It is free but if there is an exhibition like the Yayoi Kusama Collection, hop in line at 9:30am on the day of so you can get your timed passes. Side note: the line may be very long but I promise it goes by so fast.

Here’s a bonus one if you’re still here

☆ monuments at night

There is something uniquely special about visiting the monuments at night. It is the most magical thing to sit on the steps of the Lincoln and look out to the Washington Monument glistening in the distance. Or chatting with your best friend under the inscription of the Gettysburg Address in a nearly empty and quiet Lincoln Memorial. It is free and it is freeing. I feel really lucky that I get to share this with the best people I know.

got a recommendation for me? let me know your fav spots in the district down below!

with love,