Chasing after Caffeine

Seven months later…

I’m in my last month of undergrad at Campbell University and let’s just say that senior year has been a fast-paced, chaotic, unpredictable, refreshing, exciting, beautiful, loving and happy year thus far. It’s hard to believe my last post was in September but I’m here now to bring my blog back to life with coffee!

This year, I moved into a beautiful house in the country with three incredible women and one of them is a fellow coffee addict like me! Over this past week, Skyler and I went hunting for coffee around our college town and downtown Raleigh.

Creek Coffee House 

75 Marshbanks St, Lillington, NC 27546


Iced Creek Mocha | Iced White Mocha

This place has probably served me over hundreds of Creek Mochas over the last four years and I might be slightly biased but there is something special about this little coffee shop. Located right on campus, a perfect go-to drink is the Creek Mocha over ice which consists of the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel while the White Mocha shares similar qualities but without the caramel. Both of these iced beverages are like a sweet southern hug that you so desperately need after a long hard week.

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Cup a Joe

120 W King St, Hillsborough, NC 27278

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Hot Indie Joe with Tanzania Peaberry | Hot Chocolate Mocha 

Skyler is a native of the Raleigh-Cary area and she’s fallen in love with this hidden gem and so have I! Cup a Joe is such a retro coffee shop mixed in with a ton of personality. On this rainy morning, Skyler got a hot Chocolate Mocha and I enjoyed their classic Indie Joe. With the Indie Joe, you can pick any fresh coffee bean ranging from the Ethiopia Amaro Gayo to the Guatemala Antigua to the Columbia Supremo and with that, they’ll make you a personally brewed cup of coffee. From a friendly barista’s recommendation, I chose the Tanzania Peaberry. While I’m not used to drinking black coffee, I really appreciated the bright and authentic taste of this particular coffee bean all the way down to its last drop.

Braddock Coffee House

Iced French Vanilla 

Braddock is the place we’ve called home this past year so who says you can’t make a good cup of coffee right in your own kitchen? Skyler recently bought the Ninja Coffee Bar and we have made some of the most delicious lattes, cappuccinos and iced drinks with this. While we occasionally enjoy coffee shops, we don’t go nearly as often ever since Skyler invested in this coffeemaker. For this particular iced drink, we brewed Starbucks House Blend and mixed it over ice with French Vanilla Torani syrup and half & half. It’s the perfect 2PM pick-me-up and for me, there are very few things that beat the happiness of coming home to a house smelling like rich coffee.

 Cornerstone Cafe & Coffee

16 E Main St, Coats, NC 27521

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 Iced Moon Pie Latte | Hot Moon Pie Latte 

This little coffee nook can be found in the heart of Coats, NC where there’s almost always someone strumming the guitar on the couch. Cornerstone is best known for their waffles, mac & cheese and of course, their infinite choices of coffee. We both got the Moon Pie Latte, iced and hot, and this had a warm combination of toasted marshmallows and chocolate. So it was no surprise that it tasted like a really good cup of caffeinated hot chocolate that you enjoy over a bonfire.

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Cafe de Los Muertos

The Hue, 300 W Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Iced Vanilla Latte |  Hot Mexican Mocha

If you know Skyler at all, she’s a lover of all things sugar skulls. She bought sugar skull drinking glasses for our house and even dressed as one this past Halloween. Cafe de Los Muertos serves on the “Day of the Dead” theme, a popular Mexican holiday. Skyler enjoyed a refreshing Iced Vanilla Latte while I tried their Hot Mexican Mocha. This beautifully-designed drink had an amazing spicy and rich kick to it. With every sip, you could appreciate its multitude of spices.

Jubala Coffee

8450 Honeycutt Rd #104, Raleigh, NC 27615

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Iced Almond Latte | Hot Orange Cream Flat White  

The impeccable taste and originality was clearly evident in Jubala‘s coffees. Skyler had their Iced Almond Latte which had just the right amount of vanilla, not too bitter and not too sweet. I tried their signature drink, Orange Cream Flat White, and it was heavenly. At first, it tasted like a creamy mix of orange juice and coffee. It sounds strange but it meshed together so beautifully. It turns out they added their own Jubala-crafted orange syrup mixed in with vanilla extract. I highly recommend this coffee shop and if you do visit this quaint place, order their sweet biscuit with pimiento cheese and maple bacon. You will be so glad that you did.

Meet Skyler

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Skyler is my fellow wine enthusiast, coffee soulmate, kale lover, shopaholic, mother of plants, a friend to all felines, sugar skull obsessed, a big ball of sunshine and the funniest roommate I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a home with.

I can guarantee you that she owns candles in every scent known to man and she never turns down a chance to try something new. Thank you for chasing after caffeine with me this week but let’s be real, there’s no such thing as too much coffee.

Here’s to many many many many more coffee dates!

Con todo mi carino,

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